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作者:Bo Jiao, Aimin Shi, Qiang Wang,*  Bernard P. Binks*

刊物名称:Angew. Chem. Int. Ed



DOI: 10.1002/anie.201801350

内容摘要:High-internal-phase Pickering emulsions have various applications in materials science. However, the biocompatibility and biodegradability of inorganic or synthetic stabilizers limit their applications. Herein, we describe highinternal-phase Pickering emulsions with 87% edible oil or 88% n-hexane in water stabilized by peanut-protein-isolate microgel particles. These dispersed phase fractions are the highest in all known food-grade Pickering emulsions. The protein-based microgel particles are in different aggregate states depending on the pH value. The emulsions can be utilized for multiple potential applications simply by changing the internal-phase composition. A substitute for partially hydrogenated vegetable oils is obtained when the internal phase is an edible oil. If the internal phase is n-hexane, the emulsion can be used as a template to produce porous materials, which are advantageous for tissue engineering.